The Emergency Products Specialist
The Emergency Products Specialist

MAM001 Emergency Mobile Phone Charger
AA battery powered emergency mobile phone charger with adaptors
Price  £ 6.95
MAM002 Air bed with inbuilt pump
Single air bed, with flocked soft upper side for extra comfort.
Price  £ 19.99
MAM003 Slippers
Velour slippers
Hard backed bottom sole, with soft velour inner sole and upper for maximum warmth and comfort.
Price  £ 2.50
MAM004 Wind up lantern
Wind up lantern
Eco friendly product which never needs batteries or external power
Price  £ 21.99
MAM005 Emergency Poncho
Emergency poncho
Price  £ 2.99
MAM006 Electric Pump
Electric Pump for use with airbed and other inflatable equipment
Price  £ 21.95
MAM007 Carry Holdall & 100 HypaGuard Foil Blankets
100 Reflective Foil Hypaguard Blankets plus tailor made carry holdall
Price  £ 174.95
MAM007a Foil Blanket (single)
HypaGuard Foil Blanket
Price  £ 2.95
MAM007c Foil Blanket (50 pack)
HypaGuard Foil Blanket - 50 pack (£2.00 per blanket)
Price  £ 100.00
MAM007b Foil Blanket (100 pack)
Hypaguard Foil Blanket - pack of 100
Price  £ 149.95
MAM008 Emergency Kit
This is all the kit you need in an emergency. Includes purpose made bag.
Contents list below;
Price  £ 250.00
11 items total

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